How to Make Tea Affogato: A Delightful Hot-and-Cold Treat

How to Make Tea Affogato: A Delightful Hot-and-Cold Treat

Are you a tea drinker looking for a new and delightful dessert to try? Look no further than tea affogato! This twist on the classic Italian dessert is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth and leave you feeling oh-so-sophisticated. This blog post will walk you through the simple steps to make a delicious tea affogato and offer suggestions for tea and ice cream combinations. So grab a cup of tea and a scoop of ice cream, and let's get started!


First things first, what is affogato? Traditionally, affogato is a scoop of cold ice cream served with hot espresso poured over it. The Italian word "affogato" means "drowned," so the ice cream is drowning in a pool of espresso. It's the perfect mix of hot and cold and its simplicity makes it so appealing.


But what if you're not a coffee drinker? Fear not, because tea can be used instead of espresso in affogato! Hot tea can offer a unique flavor and balance to the sweet and creamy ice cream.


Next, let's talk about tea and ice cream combos. Vanilla gelato or ice cream is the traditional choice for affogato, but don't let that stop you from trying something new. Matcha ice cream with green tea, earl grey ice cream with black tea, or even chai ice cream with spiced tea- the possibilities are endless! Experiment and find your favorite flavor combo.


Now let's get to the recipe. Here's what you'll need:

1 scoop of ice cream

1 cup of hot brewed tea

Optional toppings: whipped cream, chocolate shavings, or fruit



Scoop your ice cream into a bowl or glass.

Brew your tea according to its instructions.

Carefully pour the hot tea over the ice cream.

Add any toppings you desire.

Enjoy immediately!


There you have it- an easy and delicious dessert for any tea lover to enjoy. With endless possibilities for flavor combinations, tea affogato is sure to become a new favorite. And the best part? It's simple yet sophisticated, making it an impressive treat to serve to guests. So next time you have a cup of tea and a craving for something sweet, try tea affogato!

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