Things To Know Before Baking With Tea

Things To Know Before Baking With Tea

Indulge in the classic pairing of tea and baked goods, a timeless combination that cannot delight. We have celebrated tea parties for centuries with delectable treats ranging from scones to specialty bread, cookies, and pastries. But have you ever tried baking with tea? This emerging trend infuses baked goods with unique, intriguing, elegant flavors. Elevate your baking game with the addition of tea and experience a whole new realm of flavor possibilities.

When using tea as a spice in your cooking or baking, it's crucial to treat it with the same care as other seasonings. Like spices, some types of tea can spoil if left to get too old, losing their fragrance and essential oils, which can turn rancid. To avoid ending up with a lackluster or slightly bitter dish, use high-quality, fresh tea stored correctly.

What's so exciting about using tea in your baking is the endless options for flavors. With thousands of tea combinations available, you can craft anything from earthy herbals to sweet and fruity to smoky and spicy flavors. Look no further than your for a great variety.

For a flavorful twist, sprinkle finely ground tea into your batter, dough, or frosting. Remember that this might change the dish's texture and work better on frostings or firmer baked goods. Second, infuse butter with tea by steeping it in melted, unsalted butter for 4-5 minutes and straining it. This method works best for larger-leaved teas and can be used in both baking and spreading on bread. Lastly, steep tea in liquid, like milk or water, for 5 minutes or overnight to create a delicious cream perfect for frosting or even a cup of tea. Try these delightful methods for a unique touch in your baking.

Discover a world of tea-infused baking with our tried and tested recipes! We've experimented with various tea blends, including traditional and our own, and have found Earl Grey to be a favorite in everything from brownies to banana bread. 


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