What Causes Some Matcha Flavors to Have a Chocolate Aroma?

What Causes Some Matcha Flavors to Have a Chocolate Aroma?

Have you ever wondered why some types of matcha have a chocolate aroma? If so, you are not alone. Many people who love matcha’s flavor and health benefits are curious to know why certain varieties have such a distinct chocolate-like scent. The answer is quite simple – it all comes down to terpenes!


Terpenes, terpene compounds, or essential oils, are organic molecules in plants that give off an aromatic smell. With matcha tea, these compounds can create a unique cocoa-like aroma when interacting with other elements like heat and moisture. We know this phenomenon as “the Maillard reaction,” and it handles many of the flavors we enjoy in food today. So, if your matcha has a hint of cocoa on its nose, it could be because of this chemical reaction!


Foremost, terpenes handle matcha's unique flavor. They provide a range of aromas, from light citrus notes to earthy woody tones – even hints of sweetness. But the effects don't stop there. Terpenes can also impact the body's physiological response regarding relaxation and focus.


For instance, certain terpenes have been known to trigger feelings of calmness and alertness in some people – perfect for enjoying a cup of matcha tea! Finally, terpenes may also be beneficial for your health. Studies show they can reduce inflammation, fight cancer cells, improve skin health, and more!


This complex science behind why some matcha has a chocolate aroma could make it seem like an elusive phenomenon. Still, the good is that all tea enthusiasts can enjoy a cup of cocoa-flavored matcha they choose. There are brands on the market today that have varieties with this enticing flavor! So, whatever your preference– sweet and savory or traditional and classic – you won’t be short of options.


So next time you take a sip of your favorite matcha and pick up on a subtle hint of cocoa in the air, don’t forget to thank the terpenes for their hand in creating such an intriguing experience! Without them, we wouldn’t have nearly as many flavorful matcha varieties to choose from. Enjoy!

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