Collection: Herb and Fruit Teas

Discover Fruit & Herbal Teas, known as “Tisanes”, a delightful blend of dried fruit and herbs that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. With intense flavor profiles that are hard to come by in standard tea blends, Fruit Teas are perfect for a refreshing cold brew or iced tea using your loose leaf tea. Herbal Teas, on the other hand, are tea blends made entirely from herbs that are natural and beneficial for your overall wellness. From fruity to earthy, there is no shortage of flavor options to cater to your preferences.

Take your tea game up a notch by experimenting with pre-blended drinks. Pour leftover raspberry limeade or fruit punch mix into your iced tea to create a new and exciting beverage. For those who crave a little bit of adventure, spike it up to craft your own signature cocktail. Summer sipping has never been this fun. Don't miss out on this top tip for your next chilled tea experience.